My name is Chris Brayman and I have been in and around the landscaping industry for over 25 years.

I got my start working for Lois Hole in the nursery at Hole's Greenhouses many years back. I worked for $5/hr lugging trees and shrubs around, loading cars, watering plants, all the while fomenting a vague interest in horticulture while earning my $35 take home. My grandfather was a nursery owner and landscaper in Red Deer years before and so rows of trees, bags of fertilizer and dirty boots always felt familiar.

I started Jade Landscape + Design in April of 1999. We started small, sod repairs, tree planting, whatever we could handle. But even early on, I was struck immediately with the power of a good referral for a job well done and it's how I set about to grow my business... one job at a time.

Today our scope and range of styles and services dwarfs what it was in those days. We have become one of the foremost landscape contractors in the Edmonton Area, all from the recognition of our solid workmanship, integrity and creativity. Twenty years in business and we are proud to have put our stamp on some of the most prestigious properties the city. Take a drive down any notable street in Edmonton and you will come across our work.

What hasn't changed over these last two decades however is the passion and excitement about implementing a new landscape: getting the placement of a boulder just right, finding the perfect tree... achieving the vision. In all these years we've stayed small and manageable to facilitate this continued hands on approach to custom landscaping. It's what we do and love, twenty years on.