What should I consider when selecting a contractor?

Anytime you enter into an agreement with a contractor to work at your home, you are putting trust in the individual or company that the agreed upon contract will be carried out to the letter and without problem or pause. However this is all too often not the case. In the landscaping industry especially there are low barriers to entry and anybody with a truck and a wheelbarrow can call themselves a professional landscaper. Web designers can be hired and photos of nice work appropriated for their website. As such, people often misplace their trust in companies and individuals misrepresenting themselves and unable to fulfill their promises. The consequences can range from subpar workmanship to contract default. That said there are several excellent landscaping companies in the Edmonton Area. We count ourselves among them. Whoever you consider to undertake your project, ensure that you get references of past clients and addresses of past projects for you to view. Confirm that the photos on their website are of their own actual work. Ask questions of your prospective contractor and expect competent answers. An inability to provide you with all the information you are asking for should be a major red flag.

How can we be assured of quality of work from Jade Landscape & Design?

Foremost, we are professionals; we love what we do and are committed to producing dynamic landscapes. As so we strive to exceed expectations. Secondly, our company is a referral based enterprise. We do not advertise beyond our website and are at the point where we depend on future work predominantly through direct customer referral. Our experience has been that a satisfied customer is the best form of advertising. Lastly, our work is highly visual and we need it to speak for itself.

What scope of services do you offer?

Think of us as general contractors for your yard. We offer everything from design, to project planning and budgeting, to all phases of construction including finishing touches like irrigation and lighting. While our crews do the vast majority of the work in-house, we also have a network of contractors to call on to provide you with any services that we may not offer directly. In short, we handle it all.

Are there certain jobs you do and don't do?

Yes. As our company and scope has become bigger over the years, we have refocused to concentrate on larger and more complex projects. As such we do not generally get involved in more elemental items such as basic final grades. There are smaller operators who will generally provide this service sooner and at a better rate. Likewise, if you are looking to do only developer mandated minimums on your new lot, there are companies who tend to specialize in doing several of these at once in a more commercial capacity.

Our scope trends more towards new yard installations and custom full yard renovations. This is not to say we only take complex or expensive projects, but we are more partial to projects with a higher level of customization; we love projects that go beyond the norm, and allow us to put our creativity to the test.

How much will it cost?

With the sheer volumes of materials needed and the equipment and man hours it takes to build the various features in a ground-up landscape or renovation, the cost of a project in its entirety is often beyond what people assume it would be. There are obvious variances in the scope of work between projects, so it is always difficult to suggest approximate pricing sight unseen. (However, a detailed fixed cost estimate will be tendered for client consideration before any work is to undertaken.) In turn for this investment, and beyond the immediate enjoyment of their new yard, clients with a professionally landscaped home can expect to get approximately the same percentage in valuation on their property, and vastly increased curb appeal for resale.

How long will it take?

Again the answer here ranges with the size and complexity of the project. Full Yard Landscapes can take as little as one week and upwards of 2 months on very large scale jobs. The average is 2 to 3 weeks. We always work diligently to complete our projects on schedule.

When can you start?

This is the perennial question for a landscaper. With the long harsh winters that are pervasive here, Albertans are always eager to get out and enjoy the spring, summer and fall seasons. And this eagerness often turns to panic when the weeks start to pass by. We understand this and do our best to accommodate everyone's timelines. However we are certainly limited by the number of days in the season and at times the weather. Rest assured if you book with us that your job will be slated in on a first come-first serve basis. And we will do everything to get to your job within the timelines quoted. However as our company has grown in the last 12 years and demand has grown, we tend to book up quickly. You are best to start planning the design and quotation process months before you expect to have your landscape implemented.

Will you undertake other projects during the course of ours?

No. Once we start a project, our crew will be there every working day until the job is completed, rain delays notwithstanding.

What can I expect when the job is complete?

You can expect not to pay the full balance of the invoice until the job is 100% complete and you are fully satisfied with the results. You can also expect that if there are any issues down the road, we will remedy them in short order.

We were very pleased with the landscaping that Jade completed at our new home. It was completed on budget, ahead of schedule, and of excellent quality. We received many compliments on the work that was done. We have, and will continue to, recommend Jade to any of our friends and neighbours that are looking for a landscaping company.
— Gary and Margot Brennan